Project description

In the ELoFoS (Efficient Lowering of Food Waste in the Out-of-Home Sector) research project, we are investigating efficient measures to reduce food waste in the out-of-home sector in Germany. In the process, strategies and innovations are being developed using the practical example of a commercial kitchen with suppliers.

First, we will collect information on the generation, composition and value of food waste as well as their disposal reasons at four locations in the hotel business. Next, we want to optimize the supply chain between the hotel business and its suppliers for fish and meat products. Our food waste reduction measures will be evaluated in a further food waste monitoring in three large kitchens in the care sector. From these results, complemented with literature research, we will draw strategies and measures for avoiding food waste. The costs of avoiding food waste, such as the cost of staff training, will be taken into account when evaluating our avoidance measures. Furthermore the transferability of the strategies and measures to other out-of-home sectors will be proofed.